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Ever since I watched Lorenzo’s Oil with Susan Sarandon, I’ve become convinced that olive oil can cure anything. Luckily, I don’t have a rare disease requiring the protein strands in olive oil, but I do tend to have dry, itchy skin and uneven skin tone on my face. Enter: olive oil, the true beauty cure […]

In the video below, a reporter from Dateline NBC decides to test herself and her two young daughters for harmful chemicals, known as hormone disrupters, that can cause ADHD, anxiety and other hormonal imbalances. These chemicals can be found in: Plastics (always use BPA-free!), including plastic toys made before 2008 Tin Cans (your tuna, canned […]

When my little brother was still in his toddler years, Gwen Stefani came out with Hollaback Girl. He loved to sing along, but he couldn’t quite figure out how many N-As he needed to add on to the end the B-A-N-A-N-A-S part of the chorus, so he just went on forever. He’d be screaming the […]

I never thought I liked honey. The smell even made me nauseated and YEARS of my older brother living off of peanut butter and honey sandwiches didn’t help the situation. Then I tried honey from my new best friends, Georgia Honey Farm. Turns out, I actually like honey. I just didn’t like the excuse for […]

Back in the day, I was a Girl Scout, only so I could get discounts at Girl Scout camp. That’s right, no badges here (I always wanted some… *sigh*). One of the many camp sessions I went to was called W.H.A.M. – What’s Hot About Me! That was a fun one to explain to my […]